Niyi Adesanya

CEO, FifthGear Plus

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Niyi Adesanya is a leadership and business advisor who helps CEOs and other C- Suite
executives reinvent themselves as they navigate their business re-engineering process.

He is an unrivalled and renowned Performance Strategist, whose strong business acumen
has helped business owners across various sectors cut through the complexities of today’s
evolving business environment. An offshoot of these engagements with the business
owners has yielded between 63% – 313% increase in their bottom-line.

With an average of 100 speaking engagements yearly, he is an eloquent speaker who has
stayed relevant for over two decades and is a leading voice on leadership transformation in
Africa. He sets the pace in and for his industry, as the convener of one of the highest-ticket
knowledge-based events in Nigeria and has one of the highest-paid business coaching
platforms in Nigeria with a host of testimonials to his credit.

Niyi Adesanya is the CEO of FifthGear Plus, a management consulting firm with clients
including at least one of the top three organisations in major sectors of the economy. With
much insight and depth, Niyi provides expertise consultancy while chairing strategic sessions
aimed at helping these organisations optimise their potential.

He was awarded Nigerian’s foremost Performance Strategist (MEA Business Award),
Leadership Coach of the year by Top 10 Magazine and the African Prize for Leadership
Excellence. He is also the author of six dynamic books on Public Speaking, Leadership, and
Peak Performance.

Niyi believes people don’t build successful businesses. Systems build successful businesses
nevertheless; people must work on and through the systems to build and sustain

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