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2022 HR Outlook

At the just-concluded January Virtual CIPM and You monthly webinar themed 2022 HR Outlook, seasoned HR Thought-Leaders collectively discussed the prospects of 2022. HR Managers were encouraged to relearn because the future is only for those that adapt to the new world of work.The world we live in is constantly evolving as we have witnessed various paradigm shifts from the 4th revolution, the pandemic that disrupted our entire lives, and then the great resignation seeing a massive migration of Nigerians moving to developed countries. In the midst of this is the HR Manager tasked with charting the course of productivity in the organization. 

Giving his opening remarks, the President & Chairman of the Governing Council, CIPM, Mr Olusegun Mojeed, FCIPM, noted that “HR Managers should drive employee wellbeing and the top burner is the Nigerian Labour Law which should guide our actions as everything we do should be within the purview of the Nigerian law”

On a review of trends for 2022, HR Leaders need to focus on the following initiatives to drive positive business outcomes;

Flexible Workplace

We are on two sides of the divide with a great disconnect. On one end, employees want flexible work mode while business leaders want a full return to the office. The function of the HR Manager is to ascertain which work mode best suits the delivery of the business outcome and make a business case for it. HR leaders need to understand that the hybrid model is not suitable for all organizations. 

Digitization and Artificial Intelligence 

The Pandemic disrupted our entire lives; with the biggest interruption of technology which now permeates every aspect of our lives. We are in a transition phase as huge investments are made in Digitization and Artificial Intelligence to drive business outcomes. 

Employee Wellness

Employee Wellness is also a top burner outlook for the year 2022. HR leaders need to be ambidextrous to support the employees and leaders. This is a good time for HR to make a meaningful impact. 

Employee experience is key because what we have is an unhappy workforce leading to the migration of our citizens to other countries. These countries have made effort to invest in social welfare and wellbeing. This is a key learning area for business leaders. 

In conclusion, the mix of Thought-leaders noted that one size does not fit all organizations. The HR Manager should understand the business model and then determine how best to drive results within the organization. The focus is that HR leaders need to relearn. 



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