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Impartiality Policy

The Institute shall commit to acting impartially in relation to its applicants, candidates, and certified persons.

Certification decisions shall be made in accordance with policies and procedures. Policies and procedures affecting applicants, candidates, and certified persons shall be made public and shall fairly and accurately convey information about the certification programme.

The Institute shall understand threats to impartiality that include, but are not limited to, self-interest, activities from related bodies, relationships of personnel, financial interests, favoritism, conflict of interest, familiarity, and intimidation.

The Institute shall periodically conduct a threat analysis to determine the potential, both real and perceived, of an individual or an organization to influence certification.

The Institute, and every member of its certification team (employees, volunteers, and contractors) commits to the following:

  1. impartiality of its testing activities and will not allow various activities (commercial, financial or other pressures) to compromise impartiality in its various activities.
  2. Equal opportunities to applicants or candidates who indicate interest in any of the programmes of the Institute. The Institute shall not restrict certification on the grounds of undue financial or other limiting conditions, such as membership of an association or group;
  3. The Institute does not offer training as part of the certification. Candidates may attend an approved/accredited study centre to prepare for the professional examination.
  4. Identifying the risks to impartiality on an on-going basis. This includes those risks that arise from its activities, its relationship with the masses or the risk that form the relationship of its personnel or stakeholders.
  5. Maintaining impartiality and competence through clearly defined responsibilities, being responsive to complaints and also preserve the confidentiality of the information obtained and created during the performance of its services. All CIPM’s personnel together with the contractors and committee members shall act impartially.
  6. All staff of the Institute shall be made to complete and sign a form (signature sheet for impartiality and confidentiality).

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