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HR Practitioners' Licence

The HRPL is a permit to operate, and an endorsement by the Institute of the holders’ worthiness to practice the profession within a specified validity period. The licence has a relevance and validity of 3 years for the performance of core Human Resource Management roles as mandated by the enabling CIPM Acts.

Holders of the licence would be adjudged and accorded appropriate recognition and worth as possessing the requisite knowledge, competencies and skills to operate as HR Practitioners who are staying current in their profession.

Earning the Licence is a key distinguishing factor in market differentiation and preference because:

  • It sets the holder apart as an active practitioner who is knowledgeable in current principles and core practices of HR management.

  • Advancement of holder’s skills and competence along the emerging developments in the profession thereby making you more marketable when you compete for top HR positions

  • Connects you to an elite network of motivated HR professionals

  • Engenders sense of accountability, confidence, loyalty and continuous strive for commitment to the ethos of the profession.

  • Establishes and confers the confidence of stakeholders and other recipients of the holder’s service, of his/her currency, business relevance and a measure of quality assurance of his services.

  • Provides an auditable and credible medium and platform for validating the quality of the service of the holder benchmarked against similar/identical body both locally and internationally.

  • Demonstrates and recognizes diligence and commitment to the ethics and professional standards required of practitioners and provides a credible medium for enforcing such standards.

  • Establishes a recurrent link with the requisite knowledge, skills and competences of licence holders to the core body of knowledge that underlie the value chain of the profession
  • You must be an inducted member of the CIPM on the Membership Grade of Associate, Full Member or Fellow

  • Your annual dues must be paid up to date (the current year)
  1. Visit
  2. Click Portal Login
  3. Enter your Membership Number (e.g. 21xxxxx) and your password
  4. Under the HRPL Menu, click Request Licence
  5. Go to View Licence
  6. Click Claim Licence
  7. Click Print/Save Licence

For further enquiries, please call 08176582368 or email

For password challenges, please email

You can commence the renewal process through the HR Work Activities Route.

HR Work Activities Route
The HR work activity option allows you to upload different HR-related work activities, trainings and contributions to the Institute within the validity period (i.e. starting from licence activation date to the expiry date).

Kindly note that:

  • A minimum of 60 credit-point is required to renew your licence for another 3 years.
  • Each activity has unique credit points. Click here for the activity table.
  • You are expected to submit evidence of activities online by clicking here.

If you have uploaded all required activities and met the minimum credit points of 60, kindly complete the process by paying the N15,000 renewal fee via the portal or directly into any of the CIPM accounts below and send payment evidence to

Account Number: 1001557151
Account Name: CIPM

Account Number: 0016322800
Account Name: CIPM

Accumulation of credit points:

Credit points for the purpose of licence renewal could be obtained from the following activities listed here

For further enquiries, please call 08176582368 or email

International Delegates

CIPM Members

CIPM Non-Members

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