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CIPM Moves to Tackle Unfair Labour Practices in the Workplace

The Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria (CIPM) has said that it is re-strategising and activating its regulatory framework to eliminate oppression and unfair labour practices at the workplace.
President and Chairman of Governing Council, CIPM, Olusegun Mojeed, FCIPM said it was high time the institute called out bad bosses and businesses with unfair labour practices.
He said this in his remarks at the 19th state conference of the Lagos State branch of the CIPM with the theme ‘Business, the People: Extending the Frontiers.’ 
He said the old process of advocacy, strategic partnership and administrative expertise, among others, needed some reworking.

He said the institute needed to throw its heart into the matter by being hyper-responsive to people’s issues, without fear or favour and with no consideration for the size or balance sheet of culpable organisations. 
According to him, people cannot be kept quiet forever.  
“They are no longer willing to suffer in silence. I still believe that if we take care of our people, they will take care of our customers and the business.
“We need to wake up and shape up. What a time to be having this discourse, not with the raging debate presently going on on Twitter concerning toxic businesses, bad bosses, entitled employees and bullying in general. 
“There is no doubt, this activism may result in loss of revenue for the Institute, this would be for a moment. I am positive that the goodwill and emotional currency would go a long way in showcasing our stance that we abhor oppression and unfair labour practices. 

“For instance, I see us rejecting sponsorship from unrepentant organisations with bad bosses as a form of protest and distancing ourselves from such practices.
“As regards entitled employees, we would not give up on them. We are willing to offer assistance to our colleagues and Human Resource Departments to handle known cases and encourage them to make use of the institute’s training, mentoring as well as counselling platforms for their employees’ grooming and inculcating best practices,” he said.



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