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CIPM Nigeria Set to Host over 3000 HR Practitioners at its 54th Conference

The world has recently witnessed unprecedented levels of crisis and turbulence, ranging from the global economic recession to the COVID–19 Pandemic, then to the Great Resignation, the Russia–Ukraine War amongst others. Nation states are currently facing leadership gaps, which have stifled their growth and development on various frontiers–economic, political, socio–cultural, technical, and human capital development amongst others.

These unprecedented changes have now placed a demand and a burden for a new approach to leading people, and ultimately leading and growing nation states. An approach that requires leaders at all levels in the society and the nation at large to step up their game, and demonstrate vision, transparency, integrity, empathy, accountability, humility, nimbleness, authenticity, respect, trust, and openness as well as values and competencies sufficient to ignite personal and national transformation. Recent events in the world illustrate unequivocally that effective leadership is vital for growing people and, eventually, growing nations.

The conference sessions will provide attendees with knowledge, insights, tools, experiences, frameworks, and new models required for leading and managing people & building and growing nations to thrive and flourish. This was made known in a statement from the CIPM on the announcement of the 54th International Conference and Exhibitions (formerly known as Annual National Conference).

According to the statement, this year’s conference themed: Leading People, Growing Nations, is scheduled to hold from October 17 – 21, 2022 at the Obi Wali International Conference Centre, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. 

Based on the statement, the 54th conference, which will commence with masterclasses from seasoned practitioners, is expected to be a “big conversation for action” with high-impact virtual dialogues for stakeholders across the civil society, public and private sectors where participants can learn, unlearn and relearn.  The conference will provide all participants with a robust engagement platform as it will be an opportunity to deliberate on topical issues especially those related to recent developments in the World of Work, following the disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, with practical solutions to navigate through uncertainties


Mrs. Mariam Obasunloye

Head, Corporate and Marketing Communications



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