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As organizations navigate through a rapidly evolving business landscape, this topic will begin by contextualizing the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation within the HR landscape, tracing their evolution from early adopters to mainstream integration. Furthermore, would be illuminating how these technologies are reshaping recruitment, employee engagement, performance management, data analytics, and other key HR functions.
This topic at ICE 2024 will allow us to navigate and bring to focus the seemingly complex terrain of AI and automation technologies in human resources (HR) practices.
It will be a thought-provoking exploration for delegates on a topic that has profound implications for the future of work. Through rigorous analysis and thoughtful consideration of diverse perspectives, the aim is to critically assess the opportunities and challenges of integrating AI and automation into HR practices and to consider the ethical implications of these advancements on the workforce, business, and society.

Key Focus Areas
Definitions: What is Artificial intelligence and Automation? How does it apply in HR?
Potential Benefits of AI and automation in HR, if any.
Challenges, Concerns, and ethical considerations such as privacy concerns, fairness, transparency, the potential for job displacement, the importance of maintaining human oversight and empathy in HR practices, etc.
Practical Considerations- Drawing from case studies, expert interviews, industry insights, etc.

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