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CIPM Unveils Groundbreaking “HR Practice Needs 2024”

The Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria (CIPM) proudly announces the release of its groundbreaking survey report titled “HR Practice Needs 2024.” This report, a pioneer in its category, delves into critical insights and trends in the human resources landscape, providing a comprehensive overview of the industry’s current needs and challenges.

The survey, orchestrated by CIPM, entailed a thorough examination of contemporary HR practices, engaging professionals and organisations across various sectors. Over 100 senior professionals in HR shared their opinions, inclusive of mid-level and junior practitioners. The findings of the report offer valuable perspectives on the evolving demands and expectations placed on HR practitioners in the dynamic business environment of 2024.

A major key highlight of the report is the identification of emerging trends in HR practices, shedding light on the innovations and adaptations required to stay ahead in this ever-evolving field. The report also includes a detailed analysis of the skills gap within the HR profession, providing actionable insights for professionals and organisations to effectively bridge these gaps.

The President and Chairman of the Governing Council of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria, Mr. Olusegun Mojeed expressed his enthusiasm about the groundbreaking report, stating, “The ‘HR Practice Needs (Survey Report 2024)’ marks a significant milestone for CIPM and the HR community at large. This report not only reflects the current pulse of the industry but also serves as a compass guiding professionals and organisations toward informed decision-making and strategic planning.”

“The impact of technological advancements on HR practices is thoroughly examined, emphasising the need for digital transformation in the industry. The report also addresses the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, offering strategic recommendations for fostering a more inclusive work environment.”

He further emphasised, “As we navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape, the insights from this report will empower HR practitioners to align their practices with the evolving needs of the workforce, fostering growth and sustainability. This is the first of several reports from the Institute and won’t be the last as we will continue to deliver value through people.”

The “HR Practice Needs (Survey Report 2024)” is available for download on the CIPM website, providing a valuable resource for HR professionals, organisational leaders, and stakeholders seeking to stay at the forefront of industry trends.



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