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Creating a Culture of Inclusion: Best Practices for Diversity and Equity

We are thrilled to share that our recent webinar on “Creating a Culture of Inclusion: Best Practices for Diversity and Equity” was a resounding success! Dr. Owen Omogiafo, MCIPM, our esteemed Guest Speaker, provided invaluable insights and strategies to foster a more inclusive workplace environment.

During the webinar, Dr. Omogiafo delved into the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in organisational culture, offering practical tips and best practices for implementation. Participants gained a deeper understanding of how to promote diversity, create equitable opportunities, and cultivate an inclusive workplace where every voice is valued.

We are excited to announce that the presentation slides from the webinar are now available for viewing. You can access them by clicking on the link below:

Let’s continue to work together to create a culture where diversity is celebrated, equity is prioritised, and inclusion is the norm.

Thank you for your participation!

Click here for the slide.

Click here for the recording




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