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ISO 30414:2018 And its Impact on Human Resource Management Practice (Pre Conference)

October 14, 2024

October 15, 2024







Day 1:

Module 1:

Introduction to ISO 30414:2018

·         Overview of ISO standards and their importance

·         Background and purpose of ISO 30414:2018

·         Scope and applicability of the standard

Key Principles and Requirements of ISO 30414:2018

·         Human resource management principles and guidelines

·         Roles and responsibilities of HR management as outlined in the standard

Impact on Recruitment and Talent Acquisition

·         Alignment of recruitment processes with ISO 30414:2018

·         Fair and ethical recruitment practices

·         Diversity and inclusion considerations

Impact on Performance Management

·         Linking performance management to organizational goals

·         Objective and transparent evaluation processes

·         Continuous feedback and development opportunities

Impact on Learning and Development

·         Identifying learning and development needs

·         Designing and implementing effective training programs

·         Evaluating the effectiveness of learning interventions


Day 2:

Impact on Employee Engagement and Well-being

·         Fostering a positive work environment

·         Promoting work-life balance and employee well-being

·         Effective communication and employee involvement

Implementing ISO 30414:2018 in Your Organization

·         Gap analysis and identifying areas for improvement

·         Developing an implementation plan

·         Change management and stakeholder engagement

Measuring and Sustaining Compliance

·         Monitoring and evaluating HRMP alignment with ISO 30414:2018

·         Continuous improvement and corrective actions

·         Maintaining documentation and records

Benefits and Challenges of Adopting ISO 30414:2018

·         Potential benefits for the organization and employees

·         Overcoming challenges and barriers to implementation


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