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Leadership Development: Delegations and Supervisions.

August 1, 2023

August 2, 2023







Concepts of leadership

  • What is Leadership?
  • Delegation: Definition and Principles
  • Concept of Leadership Development
  • Business Case for Leadership Development
  • Leader Vs Manager

Leading business and strategy

  • Thinking and Acting Remotely & Systematically
  • Leadership and Systems
  • Leadership and Strategy
  • Leadership and Performance Management
  • Trends and truth about future leadership development

Personal leadership and mastery

  • Understanding Personal Leadership
  • Self-awareness and Self-mastery
  • The Pillars of Personal Leadership
  • Assessing your Emotional Intelligence Capabilities.
  • Leading others From the Inside-out.

Delegating and supervising teams for effectiveness

  • What Is Team Leadership?
  • Identifying the Traits of an Effective Team.
  • Co-Creating Team Vision and Strategy Remotely
  • Remote Leadership Communication Techniques
  • Understanding Employees Diversities

Delegating for growth and development

  • Past & current trends in delegation and supervision
  • Matching Team Members to Tasks to be delegated
  • Discussion Structure for Effective Delegation
  • Focusing on the commitment curve
  • Developing Team Members through Delegation

Motivating teams to achieve results

  • Motivating Others
  • Setting Clear Direction and keeping the Team on Target
  • Energising & Managing Difficult People.
  • Providing Support and Recognition Remotely

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