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November 22, 2022

November 24, 2022







  • High Performance Organisations

(a) High Performance Organisations Defined

(b) What is Leadership

(c) Inspirational Leadership

(d) Servant Leadership

(e) Leadership Styles – The Skill/Will Matrix

(f) Collaboration & Conflict Resolution

(g) Setting Goals and Driving Execution

(h) Involvement & Engagement

(i) Building Trust

(j) Improving Organisation Culture.


  • The Nature of Teams

(a) What is a Team?

(b) Distinguishing Groups from Teams

(c) Stages of Team Formation

(d) Traits of High Performing Teams

(e) Addressing Team Dynamics

  • Developing Empowered and Engaged Teams

(a) Connecting Teams to Purpose and Meaning

(b) Work, Worker & Workplace Factors

(c) Creating a Deep Sense of Cohesion

  1. Communicating
  2. Giving Feedback

iii. Persuading

  1. Leading
  2. Deciding

(d) Developing Teams

(e) Leveraging Rewards and Recognition

(f) Giving Teams a Voice

(g) Celebrating Team Success

  • Delivering Innovation & Results Through Teams

(a) Connecting Teams to Purpose and Meaning

(b) Team Dynamics and the Big Picture

(c) Innovation & Problem Solving within Teams

(d) Diversity & Inclusion in Teams

(e) Managing Divergent & Convergent View Points

(f) Teamwork: Creating a Culture of Helpfulness – Enterprise Contribution

(g) Team Learning

  • When Good Teams Fail

(a) Ken Blanchard – The PERFORM Model

(b) The Absence of Goals & Accountability

(c) Group Think in Teams

(d) Festering Conflict

(e) Avoiding Difficult Conversations

(f) Lack of Focus on Stakeholder Relationships

(g) Toxic Team Culture Success in the Service.

  • Building High Performance Teams: A Role for HR

             (a) Employee Engagement

(b) Team Talent Management:               Attraction, Sourcing, Onboarding, Deployment, Development

(c) Strengthening Team Leadership

(d) Team Building & Motivation

(e) Building a High Performance Culture

(a) Recruitment & Selection

(b) Workforce Planning

(c) Compensation and Benefits

(d) Learning and Development

(e) Performance Management

(f) Employee Welfare

(g) Employee and Labour Relation


HR Processes

(a) Process Design

(b) Process Documentation

(c) Process Implementation

(d) Process Monitoring

(e) Process Audit: Principles, Practice and Report

(f) Process Automation


HR & The Business

(a) Understanding Corporate Strategy

(b) Strategic Employee Engagement

(c) Need Driven HR

(d) Opportunity Driven HR

(e) Capacity Driven HR

(f) Partnership Through Innovation


Performance Management

(a) Objective Setting

(b) Setting KPI

(c) Targeting Setting

(d) Performance Management


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