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Managing Legal Risk in Labour Outsourcing (Pre Conference)

October 14, 2024

October 15, 2024







DAY 1: Understanding Legal Framework and Identifying Risks

·         Introduction to Labour Outsourcing

·         Definition and scope of labour outsourcing

·         Trends and challenges in the outsourcing landscape

Legal Framework for Labour Outsourcing

·         Overview of relevant labour laws and regulations

·         Understanding contractual obligations and liabilities

Types of Legal Risks in Labour Outsourcing

·         Compliance risks: Employment laws, health and safety regulations

·         Contractual risks: Breach of contract, indemnification, termination clauses

·         Liability risks: Vicarious liability, negligence, third-party claims

Assessing Legal Risk Exposure

·         Analyzing real-world scenarios to identify legal risks

·         Risk assessment methodologies and tools

·         Quantifying legal risk exposure in labour outsourcing contracts



DAY 2:

Mitigating Legal Risks

·         Drafting robust outsourcing agreements: Key clauses and considerations

·         Implementing compliance measures and monitoring mechanisms

Enhancing Compliance

·         Understanding legal obligations as outsourcing partners

·         Developing compliance frameworks and internal controls

Managing Disputes

·         Strategies for resolving disputes: Negotiation, mediation, arbitration

Best Practices and Future Trends

·         Best practices for managing legal risks in labour outsourcing

Emerging trends and future outlook in labour outsourcing and legal risk management

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