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Role of Human Resource in Corporate Governance (Pre Conference)

October 14, 2024

October 15, 2024

Hotel De Bently: Okonjo-Iweala Way, Utako, Abuja Federal Capital Territory






Introduction to Corporate Governance and HR

DAY: 1

        i.            Overview of Corporate Governance

       ii.            Definition and importance of corporate governance.

     iii.            Principles and best practices in corporate governance.

     iv.            The role of stakeholders in corporate governance.


      v.            HR’s Role in Corporate Governance

     vi.            Understanding the intersection of HR and corporate governance.

   vii.            Key responsibilities of HR in supporting governance structures.

 viii.            Case studies and examples of HR’s impact on corporate governance.

Day 2: Integrating HR Practices with Governance Frameworks

    ix.            Aligning HR Policies and Practices with Governance Objectives

      x.            Developing HR policies and procedures to support governance goals.

    xi.            Ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

   xii.            Promoting ethical behavior and corporate social responsibility through HR practices.

 xiii.            Promoting Transparency and Accountability

 xiv.            Strategies for enhancing transparency and disclosure in HR processes.

  xv.            Establishing mechanisms for monitoring and evaluating HR performance.

 xvi.            Engaging stakeholders in HR decision-making and governance processes.

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