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Screw Business As Usual: Turning Capitalism into a Force for Good




Richard Branson, one of the world’s most famous and admired business leaders, argues that it’s time to turn capitalism upside down—to shift our values from an exclusive focus on profit to also caring for people, communities, and the planet. As he writes, “My message is a simple one: business as usual isn’t working. In fact, it’s ‘business as usual that’s wrecking our planet. Resources are being used up; the air, the sea, the land—are all heavily polluted. The poor are getting poorer. Many are dying of starvation or because they can’t afford a dollar a day for life-saving medicine . Prophesying doom and gloom is simply not my style. . . I think business can help fix things and create a more prosperous world for everyone. I happen to believe in business because I believe that business can be a force for good. By that, I mean doing good is good for business.”. Screw Business as Usual shows how easy it is for both businesses and individuals to embark on a whole new way of doing things, solving major problems, and turning our work into something we both love and are proud of.

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