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The Manager’s Guide to HR



Max Muller

If managing people was tricky when the first edition of this all-encompassing guide was written, then dealing with the social-media-addicted, litigation-loving, outrageously entitled nightmares on feet of today is just downright heart-attack-inducing. It’s a good thing that management’s most trusted HR manual has been fully updated! Extensively revised, the second edition of The Manager’s Guide to HR covers all the key areas of the original edition–including hiring and firing, benefits, compensation, performance evaluations, and more–and brings readers up to speed on current developments in employment law, including: • How social media is changing the recruitment landscape • Shifting labor standards regarding compensation and benefits • The National Labor Relations Board’s stance on work-related employee speech on social media • The Employee Retirement Income Security Act • New record-keeping requirements • Amendments to the Family and Medical Leave Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act • And more Featuring step-by-step guidance on everything from COBRA compliance to privacy issues, this long-trusted resource is now once again the most up-to-date, invaluable resource any manager of personnel could have.

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